Grepo-Info is a website created by a program, to provide stats for the game Grepolis.
The purpose was to created realtime stats, so whe could easly see, the progress of the current day.
Every hour the most stats wil be generated again and uploaded to www.grepoinfo.com.
The Week stats are generated every 24h between 03:00am and 06:00am, the program does also ceveral other tasks at that time.
The Realtime stats wil not be updated when the night task are busy.

Grepo-info started as a personel tool for myself, it genrated .csv file and saved it to Dropbox and/or Google drive.
Cause lot of my alliance members asked for this information, i changed te code so it created HTML files als and uploaded it to a free hosting site.
On that moment the progragram was running on a local pc in my home.
I had to shut down this computer when i wend for holiday and when i came back my mailbox was full with mails, about what happend with the website
So i installed the program on a VPS (virtual private server) and updated the code and added other servers.

The program is written in Visual Studio and uses a Sybase database.
The reason why on this way, is that its possible for me to handle a use amount of data en generated reports.
The VPS is running on a Intel VPS with SSD disk.

The website is in plain HTML,
I am using Google services like Google Index, Google Analystics, Google search my site.
These services are free, and easy to use.
Cause of the simple looks and services, the Website is very fast and easy to maintaince.