1 The Website is not so Fancy

True, i am not a Website developer. This website is generated by a application i have written.

2 Are you going to add other servers ?

It is possible to add any server and world. But servers cost money so its depending on the funds i recieve.

3 I want the add a server, what do i have to do ? ?

Send me e email : info@grepoinfo.com, and i see what i can do

4 Are you going to add new statistics ?

Yes, I work constantly on improvements

5 What time zone do you use ?

In summertime the time zone is UTC+2h and in the winter UTC+1h, I am working on using other time zones too

US server is running in there own time zone

6 Why is active player count diffrent then other websites ?

Because i only count the players with more then 1000 points